How do I get a gas account?
  1. Contact the LBCG Call Center at 800-5224

  2. Provide the operator with your name and contact details and the address you need gas

  3. The operator will tell you if gas is available, what fees you may need to pay and when you can be connected.

  4. The Call Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. In a new building, gas can be activated once the building has passed all the inspections legally required.

  2. Once the building handover has been completed, gas can be provided to users.

  3. On existing buildings, gas is available usually within one or two business days following request.

  4. Please advise the call center as soon as you know you will be needing gas service so a schedule can be arranged and you can be advised of any service issues.

  1. In Dubai, many projects are under construction and gas piping systems require special approvals before they can be activated. Sometimes gas cannot be activated because other services have not been completed.

  2. LBCG will never put the customer’s safety at risk and will activate gas systems only when they are fully complete and have all necessary approvals. The call center operator can tell you if your building still requires approvals.

  1. When your gas service is activated you will be advised of the type of gas account your area has and the method of billing for gas used.

  2. Residential users will be invoiced every three months for gas used and an invoice will be mailed to the address listed on the account.

  3. Commercial users will be invoiced monthly.

  4. You may pay your bill on line by signing onto the system or by returning a cheque in the mail or by bank transfer.

  5. Connection fees for new accounts can be paid in the same way
  1. New customers connecting to the gas system will pay a service activation fee and pay a deposit on the billing account. The deposit is refundable when the customer requests gas service turned off.

  2. Once the fees are paid, a service technician will visit your residence or business and correctly activate your gas service. The technician will ensure everything is working properly and is safe. 

  3. You will also be advised on safe procedures for using gas and provided with our customer service pamphlet which outlines all our services.

  4. If you have a gas meter on your account, you will be billed a standing charge for the service and an amount based on the gas used through the meter.

  5. If you do not have a gas meter, you will be billed a standing charge based on the type of residence you are in.

  6. Some customers may have a smart card meter. These meters use smart cards that customers purchase an allowance in advance on and the meter than dispenses the gas until the card runs out. Cards can be re-filled. If you have this type of meter a technician will explain how to use the card system.
  1. Gas cookers are manufactured by many different companies in many different countries and then shipped to Dubai. The safety features of these cookers vary widely.

A cooker with full flame failure safety features will have the following:

  1. Gas will automatically ignite when the gas is turned on to all the burners and ovens on the cooker.

  2. The gas will either be re-ignited or will be shut off if the flame goes out.

This feature ensures that gas is safely ignited and prevents gas leaks from the cooker if the flame goes out while cooking.

Cookers without full flame safety features are not necessarily “unsafe”.  Users of such appliances must exercise caution when lighting the gas to ensure this is done promptly and safely and must ensure the gas flame never goes out.  This is particularly important when lighting ovens.

LBCG will not connect cookers to the gas system that the technician believes are indeed unsafe for a variety of reasons such as unapproved connection hoses and attachments, faulty controls or valves, improper burner operation, unsafe or impractical cooker placement, or a device unsuitable for the gas in use.

  1. Online bill payment can be made using either a valid VISA card or a MASTERCARD. Credit card / Debit card.

  2.  Payment by mail can be made using a cheque drawn on any UAE bank.

  3. Payment by bank transfer can be made to the Dubai Islamic Bank as per the information noted on the invoice.

  1. Turn off your gas service at the main shut-off valve immediately. This valve is located where the gas comes into your apartment or building. In some cases the shut-off valve may be outside as in the case of villas.

  2. Do not operate (turn off or turn on) any electric appliances.

  3. Extinguish any sources of ignition such as cooker burners or open flames or cigarettes.

  4. Open windows or doors to ventilate the gas.

  5. Call the LBCG Call Center at once at 800-5224.

  1. Any digging in the vicinity of buried utilities such as electricity or gas lines requires a permit. This includes digging to plant trees or bushes.

  2. Before starting to dig, all persons MUST contact the gas company to find out where the gas pipelines are and what precautions they must take while digging.

  3. Hand digging only is permitted near gas pipelines and only after the location of the line is known and a permit has been issued.

  4. Contact the LBCG Call Center at 800-5224 for information regarding digging permits.

  5. An Excavation Safety pamphlet is available to explain all the issues relating to digging near gas pipelines. Contractors must obtain a copy of this booklet from the company at the planning stages of any project.

  1. You can select Enter meter reading option from My Account Menu.

  2. Select Gas Account Number, enter meter reading and click on submit to post the reading.